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亲爱的朋友: 您好,非常感谢您抽空填答此问卷。此问卷的研究目的在于了解您在校内网的使用行为。本问卷采用匿名的方式,您所提供的信息仅供学术研究之用,绝不另作他用或向第三方披露,敬请放心。请仔细阅读每一个题并回答下列问题...  奖品:只要提交问卷的用户都有机会获得我们为您精心准备的4G IPod Nano 一个,欢迎您的参与,谢谢支持!

Dear Friend: many thanks for your time. The purpose of the study is for uderstanding the your usage of Xiaonei (Renren). This questioniare will be in anonymous, the information you provided will only be used for academic research purpose and will not be discolsed to the thrid parties.

Please reason each question and answer the following questions.

As a way of say thank you, any participant who joins the survey will have chances to win a 4G IPod Nano! Many thanks for your participation!

1.Rank Xiaonei as the number of website to visit when using the internet? *


2.How often do you visit Xiaonei?*


3.Why do you use Xiaonei? (multiple choice)*


4.What are your main activities on Xiaonei? (multiple choice)*


5.Are you actively involved in playing games? (for instance Car War, Friends for sale)*

会积极尝试校内的新应用或者小游戏吗? (例如开心农场, 抢车位, 好友买卖等等)

6.Please estimate how many friends in total do you have on Xiaonei? *


7.How many friends are your actual friends and you contact frequently?*


8.Do you write blogs or upload photos to share things happened in your life with others in Xiaonei?*


9.What is your opinion of the quality of the friends you met at Xiaonei?*


10.Would you become friend in real life with the people met through Xiaonei?*


11.If someone posted someting attactive on your wall, will you delete it immediately?*

如果遇到别人恶意或者侮辱人格尊严的留言, 你是否会及时删除?

12.What kind of personality are you?*


13.In recent years, you _______*


14.Between you and classmates or friends?*


15.Are you actively involved with extra curricular activies, joined any clubs & societies, attend events regularly?*


16.What are the differences between making friends through SNS and in the real life?*


17.Do you think you have received any social support from Xiaonei?*


18.您遇到烦恼时的倾诉方式? Who would you tend to express feelings to when you are worried?*

19.After being away from Xiaonei for a while, none of your friends has visited, have you had sense of loss or loneliness?*

在几天没有登陆校内后发现没有朋友到访问, 你会有失落,或者被朋友遗忘的感觉

20.Would you agree Facebook or SNS have affected your social interaction with friends in real life? *


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